CloudSearch – Robust eCommerce Search & Filtering Engine for Your Online Store

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Smart & Lightning-Fast
Your customers will be thrilled with blazingly fast and extremely relevant search results and suggestions.
Navigation & Filters
CloudSearch goes beyond simple search, delivering seamless filtering experience. It effectively redefines the meaning of powerful navigation in your store.
Customization & Promotion
Analyze what your customers are searching for, what they find and what they don't. Use this knowledge to improve your offering with the help of our search tuning & merchandising tools.
Small Store
Medium and Large Stores
From $5/mo
Search and Navigation
Instant search for products,
collections & pages
Multilingual search
Search results page with Filters
Collection Filters
Search tuning & Promotions
Product promotions
Up to 100 products
Unlimited searches
7 days analytics report
3 promotions
3 synonyms
1x daily catalog sync
Up to 3,000 products – $7/mo
Unlimited searches
30 days analytics report
Unlimited promotions
Unlimited synonyms
Real-time catalog sync
Priority support
Need custom limits or a completely custom-tailored solution? Contact us!
Collection promotions
Instant search for products,
collections & pages
Multilingual search
Search analytics
Product promotions
Collection promotions
Search analytics
Up to 50,000 products – $14/mo
50,000+ products – Starts at $49/mo

Your customers will find the products they need just having started typing the name in the search box. eCommerce site search with autocomplete and adaptive product suggestions will help to discover alternatives to what they need and additional items they even haven't considered yet. Product names in the list show up together with product thumbnails for easier perception.
Autocomplete and real-time suggestions
Automatic spelling corrections, synonyms (aka phrase substitutions) and support for many languages are available in the CloudSearch eCommerce search engine out of the box. They ensure that a product gets found if it is in your store.
Spelling corrections, synonyms, related terms & languages
A nice bonus of our eCommerce search solution is keyword-triggered promotions. It's the ability to promote your products right in the search result dropdown depending on the search queries that your customer type. Such products will show up on the very first position in the suggestions list.
Merchandising in the right place and time
The built-in reporting functionality will provide insights on the products your store visitors were looking for. You'll always get a list of the most popular search queries which returned no results. All this is a good ground when you decide to update the range of products you sell. It also uncovers keywords to improve SEO and update product names to boost sales.
Search statistics and analytics
The number of mobile searches exceeds those on desktop. So, the CloudSearch eCommerce solution is optimized for all screen sizes.
Mobile-friendly responsive design
Customer reviews
This app is amazing! The results look great, plus the data we get about popular searches and unmatched searches have helped us understand what customers are looking for! This app is driving amazing results! 5 Stars!!!
Todd Messineo
This is one of the best add-ons we have ever purchased. Our conversions are up 9.02% over last years a same month.
Brandon Russ
This is one of our favorite modules. It works well. The way that our business is structured, our admins tend to use this module often to locate exact SKU's and products.
Your Powerful Onsite Search and Filtering Tool For
CloudSearch solution for Shopify is a surefire way to improve your search and boost your store's conversion rates. Due to the best eCommerce practices, this tool creates a well-honed search & navigation experience no other app can offer.